Heath’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 03 Apr 2007

Location: Vancouver Airport, Canada

MapComing home...

I'm just in the Vancouver Airport, I walked by the same internet place that I left an entry on when I was leaving on my trip, so I thought it would be fitting to leave another entry on my way home.

It's a crisp +10 degrees here in Vancouver, a bit of a difference from the +40 that I've been used to for the past month in Thailand... but the air is fresh, a nice change from Bangkok's smoggy air.

When I got into Vancouver yesterday afternoon I did a pretty cliche thing, went for a Tim Horton's coffee. It was nice, although they still haven't grasped the concept of hot coffee yet... it feels like you're holding the Sun in your hand, and you can't enjoy your coffee for 15 minutes.

I left Bangkok at 9:45 on Monday morning, flew for 18 hours and got into Vancouber at 12:10 on Monday morning... kind of trippy. The flight was good, I sat beside a lady that didn't speak English, so I didn't have to have the awkward airplane convorsation, where either they don't stop talking to you, and it's annoying, or you feel like you should talk to them but don't know if then you will be that annoying person that doesn't quit talking.

When I got into Vancouver I did some touring of the city, went down to the harbour, I've never really seen the city, just the airport. Pretty nice city, I think the best one that I've been to on my trip... It's ranked #3 in the world for best places to live. Seen where we send all of our grain, viewed the Rocky Mountains, and seen some of the saddest people I've encountered in Gastown. It just seemed sadder seeing homeless people here as opposed to Asia, maybe because I just don't think it should happen here, and they look cold.

The Vancouver International Car Show was on in BC Place so I went to that, there are some pretty cool concept cars coming out. After that I was pretty jet lagged so I had to crash, and slept for 12 hours. This morning walked back down to the harbour, took in some more sights and fresh mountain air, then caught a bus to the airport.

Well, next stop Saskatoon...