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Adi and James’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 Dec 2006

Location: Chicago, USA

MapHappy New Year!

We have been in Chicago about 10 months now and feeling pretty settled. Its taken a while to get used to the extremes here- the really hot summers and then the freezing winters but we feel pretty much prepared for anything now.
So, a few of my favourite and least favourite things...

- Living in a place where donuts are considered breakfast
- Great subway and train system
- Lake Michigan on our doorstep -it's so big it looks like the ocean
- Pickles, jalapenos and every ice cream flavour ever dreamed of (not together of course). Probably would be ribs and steak for James (this is definetely a meat-lover's city!)
- Kitschy Americana - from the palace made of corn to the world's largest manmade bulls head. You think you don't want to see it but you do.

Things that are taking longer to get used to:
- Crowds- (especially around Christmas) with 3.5 million people living in Chicago city, and 9 million if you include the suburbs. Thats almost the whole of population NZ living in Chicago
- Tipping- it can be really hard to know when you do and when you don't sometimes.

We are planning an escape to somewhere warm and sunny for March or April, maybe Mexico or the Caribbean.
Will keep you posted