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Brad’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Feb 2007

Location: Canada

MapMy first day in camp has been okay, The weather was good and the Mess Hall is really good. My travel day was interesting, I left Edm at 0615am on Tuesday the 20th and than we stop in Glassglow Scotland for fuel and that was a 7 hr 45min flight. Than we flew to Germany and that was 2 hr flight. We were in Germany for 90mins and than we flew to Dubia and that was a 6 hr flight. From Dubia we flew into Kandahar and that was a 4 hr flight. Overall I was in the air for 19 hrs 45 mins and that really sucked. I have been on ground for 24 hrs and havenít stop working. The next few days will be long ones by I guess thatís the way it goes. Tomorrow we are on the rifle range all day. Anyway ill sign off now and talk to you all tomorrow. Cheers GO LEAFS GO