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Brad’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 03 Jun 2007

Location: Afghanistan

MapHello everyone it has been awhile since I wrote. I have good news my time here is done I will be home in Edmonton on the 4th and I cant wait. I figured I would be here until Aug 22 but things worked out and they are sending me home a little earler. Nothing is wrong just it is time for me to go and im not about to argue with them. I really appreciate everyone writing me it sure kept a smile on my face and when your in a war zone a smile goes along way. I will be putting pictures on this sight next week so please look at them if you want and tell me what you think. I would like to thank karyn and the kids for being so strong when I was gone and now that im back I can take the work load of them. Again thanks to everyone for showing your support and we will talk again.