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Susan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 18 Jan 2007

MapTotally amazed to still be asleep at 11.00a.m.! Breakfast a bit of a rush as we had made plans to go out for the day. But decided to continue arty trail so took off for Berry Lands----- CLOSED !! I thought Rupert would die from disappointment and withdrawell. Terrible news for us both so hurried on to Mac Kenzie's to look at pottery. Bought 2 colourful coffee cups and saucers and then had lunch in cafe. Rupert fed a friendly duck with a bit of bread and nearly jumped a mile when it leapt up and snatched it out of his hand. We then did reconnaisance trip to Richmond to see where Physio is for Rupert's session tomorrow for his knee. Bought shower cap. On home run saw farm shop selling eggs and bought 6 as last ones stale from supermarket. Size 16 plus closed sadly, will have to wait for another day. Bought delicious smoked salmon from Smokehouse, quite different from our smoked salmon, then to shop to buy a few supplies for our meals. Home about 6.00p.m. Dinner a bit of laundry and off to bed hoping to be more awake in the morning as we have a busy day planned ending in dinner with Peter and Bobbie at the Salthouse in Nelson on the sea. Happy day and have done my exercises !