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Susan’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 Jan 2007

MapToday an early start for us and straight to the sculpter who has made pieces for Elton John! Then on to Toad Hall, disappointing Ice cream then back to antique shop to buy cheap chairs for when Lucy arrives, saw some but did not deal. Then Smokehouse in Mapua for lunch, glorious day and sat right by the water, fried calamari and salad, Rupert in good form. Hair hair do in Zoom before lunch and bought hat then off to Berrylands for our usual fix. HORROR ! They are closing for the season on Sunday as end of berry season. Rupert devastated and inconsolable, could not believe it, so we had 2 ice creams to make up for hideous disappointment. I forgot to mention Rupert sussed out local estate agent whilst I was in Zoom ans so went there after my hair do.On Monday we are looking at waterfront properties ! Have I gone mad ?
After Berrylands we looked in to Hoglund Glass to enrol in necklace making class tomorrow 1.00 o.clock. Also bought glass pendant. Rupert pointed out that I seldom went into a shop and did not come out with a purchase. Of course he is right but it made me feel terrible, guilty and tearful at the hideous reality of it. Then we came back to Jessie and I am writing this as we are going out to dinner with Peter and Bobbie to Saltwater, a restaurant in Nelson on the water front. Rupert has gone to the Physio in Nelson to have his painful knee looked at.