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Susan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 Jan 2007

Location: Mapua, New Zealand

MapRather grey disappointing day. Feeling shaky, hope it's not "flutter" back, but feel o.k. after a bit. Rupert brings me lovely lemon tea in bed, oh dear I shall miss him so, I feel rather sad and realise only 2 more days before he leaves, but obviously he has his own life to lead and I have had the best time and so many hysterical moments with him that I am the luckiest Mother there is. Today is my terrifying glass blowing lesson making glass beads at Hoglund Glass. Breakfast here at about 10.00 and then "white wash" and down to Mapua for an early lunch before my bead lesson, also visit to Irish chemist for supplies. Rupert drives me to Hoglund Glass and drops me off for my lesson. Students are told to wear long-sleeved T shirt, jeans, shoes that cover feet and to tie back our hair ! Anyhow 2 hours later I have 11 glass beads in a packet and all made by me. We started off making small one colour beads and slowly progressed to making ones with stripes and blobs incorporated in the base colour bead. One bead takes a long time to achieve as you have to keep cooling and heating the glass and then rolling it round a metal rod, the glass is difficult to control when hot and it takes pattience to achieve a circular bead. There were 5 of us in my class and everyone had various degrees of success. I was quite pleased with mine really.Then off to Berrylands who are closing tomorrow for the season and a large strawberry ice cream to reward myself for the trauma of bead making ! Rupert had already been there whilst I was having my lesson. Wayne had been at our house, cleaning mowing,gardening and doing housework all day. Rather lovely evening sunny and warm. Lynley arrived and asked us to have a barbecue with them tomorrow. Finished bottle of white wine, then I cooked scrambled eggs for our dinner and we had the fresh raspberries from Berrylands----delicious. Talked to Susannah as it is her 6th. birthday, she sounded so adorable, "Are you miles away in a bungalow?" she asked, anyhow she sounded excited and was just about to have her breakfast and open her presents. I think Lucy may be giving her the longed for bunny, but I shall find out later. So that's my day really, I hope it is a really sunny day tomorrow as Rupert wants to top up his sun tan, so we will wait and see.