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Susan’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Jan 2007

Location: Mostly Nelson Harbour, New Zealand

MapFabulous weather all day today. Firstly set off for Hoglund glass to book up more bead making classes,disappointingly none until Feb as tutor part time. Have booked Lucy in for a session if she wants to come. Then on to Berrylands tragically the last day they are open, of course Rupert and I have to have a strawberry yoghurt cone. Then on to the Salt House for a truly delicious turbot beer battered fish and chips ! I spy our boatman Laurie and arrange a trip in his boat for an hour at 3.00p.m. His boat a very basic affair and perfect when the children are here for trips to picnic spots etc. We motor all round Nelson Harbour and see all the huge tankers and hundreds of yachts that moor there. Laurie very knowledgable about their owners and various misfortunes, several of the larger vessels are in recievership sadly. Such a glorious day, calm and hot sun blue sky blue sea and blue mountains and ravishing cloud formations, we could not have taken to the sea on a better day, the children Lucy and Ant will love it, I hope. Drove home at 5.00 to say farewell to Berryfields and pick up the last of their fresh raspberries---tragic !! Then a short shop up at Mapua,amongst our needs is loo paper, I had to get it as Rupert too horrified to be seen clutching such things. Siesta time til 7.30 and then back to the Smokehouse for dinner. Everyone sitting outside enjoying the last of the sun. Not a soul to be seen at 9.30 when we leave, Mapua totally deserted. Where has everyone gone ?