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Susan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Jan 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapWoke up to blazing sunshine and totally blue skies, perfect. Chores most of the morning and then lunch at Smokehouse, fish and chips, fancy that ? Then on to Hoglund glass as Ola Hoglung told us yesterday he would be making a large piece today. We watch transfixed as he makes a large black and white vase from beginning to end. Back to Mapua for ice cream and then to Helen the Physio. Running 45 mins. late. Made me do agonising exercises and made me cry with the pain. She says I have a degenerating tendon which I must have damaged and unless I do the exercises it will get worse. She also said it can take 6/8 weeks to improve. I feel desolate but I must do these exercises I realise.
Then back to Jessie street to get ready for dinnere party with Peter and Bobbie , their American p.g.'s and some friends. Eventful evening ending in the American lady singing an Aria ! Home by 11.30. Feeling dreadfully sad at Rupert's departure in the morning and dreading 3 weeks on my own here and not knowing anyone or having anyone to do things with. Truly alarming and Heaven knows what it will be like being truly alone for the first time ever. I am a little scared and I fear it won't be much fun.