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Susan’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 23 Jan 2007

Map5.00a.m. Wretched flutter started and Rupert will be gone in a few hours, back to England. Feeling panicky which does not help I am driving Rupert to aiport at 8.30. He brings in my usual lemon tea and I tell him of my flutter. "Don,t worry Mama I can easily arrange a taxi !" Of course I had expected him to volunteer to postpone his departure for 24 hours until I was sorted out! If he had said that of course I would not have agreed to it. So infact the result was the same, but what prevents him from asking, "Would you like me to postpone my leaving?"
Anyhow after I drop him I return to Jessie Street and take my pill which slows my heartrate and go back to bed. When I wake up I am calmer and the flutter is intermittent and by the late afternoon, "Normal service is resumed " Today I have not done anything at all but a few small chores round the housen. Bobbie and Peter have asked me to join them at The Smokehouse for dinner at 7.30. Peter picks me up and we have a nice dinner but I am very careful with my diet. The Americans are also with us, Rosemary and Walter, not my handwriting but nice enough. Mapua totally deserted by 9.30, where is everyone ? I find it so odd that not a soul is to be seen.