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Susan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 25 Jan 2007

Location: Mapua, New Zealand

MapGlotious day again,perfect temperature.Potter then down to health centre to see Dr. Sally. Reassuring and has given me confidence over flutter and to call whenever I am worried. Go to Smokehouse for my lunch the water is right up and various sports taking place. Small boys fishing, 2 kayaks skip by and The Flat Bottom Floosie is off on a trip.
Then go to 16+ shop, horrendous materials and a complete waste of time, then on to egg place to buy nice fresh eggs. Home and phone rings and it is Rosie who I met at meeting. She comes round for a cup of tea. Horrified and shocked by what I am paying for the rental of this house. Rings Lawyer and Estate agent who say I have been ripped off--big time. Lynley arrives to pick up a few things unannounced, annoying. Rosie says it's out of order during rental, they should telephone first.
Well there is one born every minute as they say, and I am one of them. I telephone Edward Priday to sendremainderof my rent to Wayne's account, and that's an end to it. I shall be more careful next time. Supper late here, Charlie rings on Skype which is exciting, my first call so far, and I go to bed.