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Susan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 27 Jan 2007

Location: Mapua, Orinoco Valley,Motueka, New Zealand

MapWoke to find it was raining hard and much cooler. Lovely shower and tidy up a bit as Wayne and Lynley coming to do outside and inside and hope they can fix printer. When they arrive I notice froid deux as I have asked them to ring before turning up unannounced in future, also I have said I cannot go to lunch with them tomorrow. Leave at about 12.00 to join Peter and Bobbie for lunch, they are so kind asking me so often and itis really nice for me. But I marvel at how they entertain all these P.G's from different countries, I simply ccould not do it now or ever. Arrive at their house in a torrential downpour, I think they must have more rain up here in the hills as Mapua looked set for a nice day. The house is fabulous everything Bobbie does is with so much flair and imagination, all her colours and fabrics and the way she arranges the furniture and places bowls of fresh flowers from the garden makes it all so welcoming and inviting. Of course everything in this climate grows so quickly but the garden they have designed is perfect for the situation and looks lush and healthy it is full of little surprises and I hope to take a few snaps so I can show John, Ghislaine, and Judy as I know they would love it. They have to be the kindest,nicest and cleverest couple ever !
On my way back as the weather was now perfect I decided to go to Motueka for a few vital bits from the Warehouse and then drive along the beach at Motueka which I have not done before. Beautiful like the rest of this area and a huge specimen of some local tree covered in scarlet flowers I stopped the car and photographed. Drove slowly back to Mapua, visited the bay and drove back to Jessie Street to find house imaculate, T.V. moved to Freddie's room as I had requested, printer working,laundry done ,lawn mowed and a telephone in my room. Well done ! Now I have written this I shall have my supper as it is 7.00 and I am getting used to N.Z. hours.