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Susan’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Jan 2007

Location: Mapua, Nelson, New Zealand

MapWoke this morning to rain and much cooler. Mess up completely ove the hall key. Still getting dressed when I see Rosie in the garden. She has been there 30 minutes as we had agreed to go to the meeting together. She takes key from me as I am not ready and drives off alone to open up the hall. It starts at 9.00 and I am dawdling thinking we have plenty of time as I thought for some odd reason it started at 9.30. I arrive 10 minutes late. Oh dear why had I changed it to 9.30 in my head when I knew perfectly it was 9.00. Good meeting I wish I had bought my big book with me as reading has been from there both times.We Agnostics. Asked Fiona to sponser me, she has agreed. Went in convoy with Rosie to Morrisons and had breakfast. Wonderful latte, mueslii and fresh fruit. Far too much. Went to Bead place and Rosie went home. I then decided to have my lunch at Saltwater. Sat outside tho' fine rain in air. Walking very bad today. Depressing. Painful and unable to go up stairs. Go back to Mapua and decide to paint. Do not do so as now feeling low, sit at computer and mess around trying to alter wallpaper and then write this. E-mail Harry Cotterell. Eat peppermints and two lollipops--------- why?