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Susan’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Feb 2007

MapToday has been rather dreadful. My wretched knee gets more and more painful and I have been unable to leave the house and have been in bed as I cannot stand the pain of walking or standing. WHAT IS THE MATTER ? I am now going to two physiotherapists and neither of them have any answers, except to tell me it will take several months to improve. I have not got several months before Lucy and co. arrive and I want to be able to do things with them, also Lucy will be judgemental and tell me it's my own fault because I weigh too much (probably truth in that ) but both physios say I must have injured it ,though I have no recall of having done so.
Lynley arrived in afternoon bringing friend as daily whilst she is away, looks seriously ancient and scraggy, but tough, thin and active, let's hope she is honest and thorough. Rosie came she thinks my sciatic nerve may be adding to pain. I don't think so as pain is so local. I have ultrasound on my back and she massages my leg. Get up for supper and watch a bit of T.V. Leg a little less painful or is it the pain killers ? Depressed.