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owen&joan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Feb 2007

MapWell "Valentines Day" Joan is sipping hot chocolate in bed it's 8am. We are still parked up at our friends Benny and Sharon's place. They are a very busy family with all they have to do running a 600 strong church that has been only going for just over a year. Joan and I have been helping out with the chores cooking and gardening. We have been waiting for a parcel to arrive from NZ but it is taking it's time. It has been really raining the last few days it's great to have a bit of cooler weather as we don't have aircon yet! It's amazing how quick the days are going we have been camped here now for just over 2 weeks. Lets hope it arrives today then we will be off towards Melbourne. We have been catching up with old friends I ran into a guy Geoff Cook at the market who I spent allot of time with before I met Joan it was great catching up. On Australia day we went and slummed it with one of Joan's successful real estate friends Chris Greenfield. It was amazing how well the selling of all our stuff went from the unit we had to sell allot as there is not much room in the caravan. The new people moved in soon as we moved out they have a 1 yr contract so we don't have the choice of moving back. The plan is to be back in NZ by September but we will see. We may work a bit on the way around. Well that's about it for now take care Regards Owen & Joan