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owen&joan’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Mar 2007

MapHi from Melbourne. after leaving the Blue Mts we went to Yass and parked up for 2 days from there we went into Canberra without the caravan. We visited the parlament building where we had a tour and a bit of a look around then back to Yass. From there we decided to look for some work so headed inland to Aubury, Wodonga looking for fruit picking. The country is very dry at the moment all the dams are well down we stayed at a camping ground beside the Hume Dam which is only at 3.8% full. From there we went to Cobram where I had checked there was workon the PC. As we were driving we spotted a fruit pickers wanted sign so stopped and registered with them. We set up camp and put up the annex intending to stay for about 2 weeks well that didn't happen. After working our guts out trying to fill huge bins from trees that had very little fruit we decided after 3 bins we had had enough. It worked out we earnt $5/ hr. The next day we set off traveled through Shepparton then on to Melbourne. It has been good having the wireless internet so I can keep up with the running of Bestbuynz Ltd. Bill Avenell is keeping things ticking over from NZ but I am able to do my part while on the road, it's great.