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owen&joan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 07 Apr 2007

MapWe are still in Melbourne. We are staying in our caravan at Joan's sister Margret's place. We are both working now Joan starts Tuesday cutting fabric out for lampshades just across the road from where I am working. I'm making stainless steel parts for boats mainly production type work and quite enjoy it. It takes me 10 mins to cycle from where we are staying. We hope to be back in NZ in about June. The weather is getting cooler here we hope to get to Ayers rock before we head back. I think we are both looking forward to being back close to our kids but have enjoyed the holiday here. Yesterday Easter Friday we visited an Anglican church we had allot to do with while we were living here when Aaron was born. It was great to catch up after 20 years with some of the people we were involved with the couple who Joan led to the Lord were on holiday so we will see them next week on their return. Melbourne has allot of memories for us both we visited the house where Joan lived when she was 14 it seemed strange to imagine Joan running down the path there as a teenager. The house where I was staying when we me had been pulled down but the flat where we lived was still there and seemed allot smaller than my minds picture. It was there as we drove off to come to NZ I waved goodbye to her mother which was the last time we saw her. Melbourne for me has allot of memories for us both.
Well till next time take care and God Bless.