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Dave & Mike’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Dec 2011

Location: Cuba

MapRode to Playa Larga only 30kms today (Dec 3rd) and was nice just to take it easy a bit. Stopped at a cenote along the way which is a large freshwater cave with fish in it. Nice coast road ride so we stopped at a couple of outlook/beach areas for a look. Arrived in Playa Larga around lunch and easily found a casa. Piles of casas here for such a small fishing village but I guess there is lots of scuba diving and snorkeling so people stay for days/week. Haven't really seen any other cyclists on this trip and saw two other sets in Playa Giron arriving just as we did. Will ride somewhere half between here an Varadero tomorrow and then to Varadero the next. Should also mention we are having crocodile for supper tonight so that will be VERY interesting. Will let you know have that turns out. May not have internet in the next location??