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Dave & Mike’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Dec 2011

Location: Cuba

MapRode about 80kms today (Sunday( to just before Colisao . HAd located a farmhouse that doesn't really take foreigners but agreed to accomodate us and the Swiss couple. In short, the most AMAZING place you would ever see. SUPER friendly "artist" type famile who do a lot of pottery work and painting. He id almost6 totally self sufficient, Grows over 100 different types of fruit, all sorts of plants, root vegetables, rice, raises beef, poirk, chicken, fish (yes, fish!( has his own windmill for water, bio fuel for cooking, totally amazing. Into alternative medicine and has one fruit and one plant that in particular is supposed to deal with cancer far more effectivly than conventional treatments. Reallu cool. Were told we weren't clients but family and would yeat with them, and what they would eat. We were the first people to actually phone and request to stay there. Had fresh organic pork, rice, yuca, salad, avocados, excellent. Thanks to Corinne from Switzerland who spoke fluent spanish for translating and us learning a pile!