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Dave & Mike’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 25 Nov 2012

Location: Cuba

MapRode out of Havana quite easily was probably good it was a Sunday so there wasn´t much traffic. Started out on the main Autopistat highway and then crossed over to a provincial type road which is quite a bir more scenic and pass through a few towns. Seemed like we had to check directions and navigate quite a bit more along here than in previoous trips, don´t quite know why. Swung into the hills a bit towars the end of the day riding one final steep hill to stay in a hotel in Las Terrazas only to find it was full. Were sent down another 4 or 5 kms to look at a campismo type place along the river. Ended up staying there where the rooms were SMALL thatched shacks up on stilts where you climbed a ladder through the floor to find two small mattresses and a bit of room for your stuff. Outside bathrooms, swim-bath in the river and a restaurant. was clean and worked out fine. Two highlights Guy karate chopping a turkey in the back of the neck to kill it for food and a guy in the middle of nowhere who gave us homemade icecream in a cup from a box ob the back of his bike....awesome!