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Dave & Mike’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Nov 2012

Location: Cuba

MapForgot to mention about our ride to Vinales that when we had lunch it cost about 1 CUC or $1 Cdn for three of us to have a sandwich and drink each, peso stands are great.

today we had a lazy start to the day and then went horseback riding for about three hours through the countryside. Saw a tobacco planation, limestone cave and rode some trails was a cool way to spend the morning. Wasn'r so keen on the horses so asked for a slow old tired one and it went pretty well. Mike on the other hand is a cowboy from way back apparently???? Speaking of horses, on our ride yesterday, we were taking with about four other cyclists on the side of the rode and a crazy horse pulling a cart just about took everyone out, scrambling every which way. Pretty funny after the fact.

Just hung out in town for the afternoon, nothing much really going on other than hikes and bikes which we wern't interested in either. Had lobster for supper and early to bed as we leave on the bus at 7:30am.