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Dave & Mike’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 Nov 2012

Location: Cuba

MapCaught the bus early for Cienfuegos and there were lots of people and baggage but we and our bikes were loaded fine. The next stop Pinar del Rio a couple of people it appeared were not able to get on as the bus was full, that would surely mess up your day. We seem to be a day ahead of schedule so we decided to get off in Cienfuegos and ride to Trinidad tomorrow as it is always a nice ride. Rode around looking for a casa here and could seem to shake a guy trying to show us a place, he seemed to think we were rude but we had said nicely a few times we didn't need his help. Mike and I decided to stay at Casa China where we had stayed before and was was VERY funny when we rolled in front of her place (with the guy still following) and she recognized me right away and said I was family when I asked if she remembered me. Kind of shocked the guy I think.

Got unpacked and had a drink and peso pizza downtown, supper tonight and ride to casa mama's in Trinidad tomorrow.

Lady at casa here pulled out pictures that we sent last year after staying here with olur family of us and her family including Luke's birthday party and cake, thanks Kelly.