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Dave & Mike’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Nov 2012

Location: Cuba

MapHad a great dinner last night in Cienfuegos the casa lady there is super nice and seemed to really appreciate us coming back again.

Knew we had to ride today so just wandered around the Malecon for a while and were asleep around 10:30.

Crazy thing was, in the middle of a huge city there are pigs, dogs, roosters, and goats all in the same area of the casa. NOISY, did you know roosters crow all night long, then get the dogs barking as well!!!

Left early and had a great ride to Trinidad, probably the fastest ever, not much wind a little sun and the hills didn't seem too bad.

Got to casa mamas around 2 and was super excited to see us. She says my spanish is quite a bit better this year so we were able to actually talk a bit.

Will head to the beach for a bit of R&R. Mikes knee is feeling better but is now complaiining about his foot!! Baby. He thinks it is from cycling I told him it is just because he is OLD!
Although I am older, I am an Ironman though....