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Dave & Mike’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Nov 2013

Location: Cuba

MapThursday Nov 21/13

Arrived in Varadaro with bike fine and our taxi was waiting as planned to get to the hotel. Nothing unusual or exciting there other than was kinda nice to see a few of the staff who always remember us.

Sat took the 3 hoiur bus ride to Santa Clara and made the 45 km ride to the small town of Remedios where we quickly found a nice casa close to the central Plaza. had a good dinner and was a nice family running it.

Sunday left for Cayo Santa Maria where we had booked 2 nights from Canada as it is quite cheaper and there are only all inclusive resorts there. Was a Really nice place and great beach so spent lots of time there. 50kms of the 65 ride was on a man made causeway connecting abunch of islands for these resorts.

Came back to remedios on Tuesday and stayed at the samew casa so they were happy to see us.

Was a little crazy to ride 140km round trip just to go to the beach !!!!

Today rode 80km from Remedios to Sancti Spiritu in the rain pretty much the whole way. Luckly it is still warm. Stayong at the first casa we ever did in 2007. She says she remembers us. Cool.

Spend the night here and ride to Trinidad tomorrow.