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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 15 Jan 2007

Location: Abergavenny, Wales

MapHere I am in Abergavenny the first destination on my World trip! I've not had chance to see much of the town yet; off to explore in a mo.

Yesterday Tracey showed me around the farm she lives on and I met the sheep (some of them are expecting triplets in Spring - I hope that makes you feel a little better Lou!) and Belle the dog. I dont think I've eatern so many cakes in one day! We're being fatten up for the journey ahead! Tracey introduced me to 'cheesey things' and now I'm totally hooked - they're basically a cheese sandwich dipped in egg and lightly fried - delicious! (secrets out now opps!) I can see them becoming part of my staple travel diet!

My life at the moment feels pretty surreal, I still can't believe this is actually happening. I'm having terrible time sleeping as the excitment is getting to me - God help me tonight we take off tomorrow!!

Well time for me to explore Abergavenny...
sha x