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Sha’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 01 Feb 2007

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapI'm in New Zealand!!!! I can't believe it!! I think my body went into shock when we landed at the airport I felt like throwing up all away through biosecurity control and on the shuttle into the city. Either that or I'm suffering from culture shock! Its weird being back in a 'western' setting; I'd just got used to Fiji it was so nice walking down the street and seeing smiling faces everywhere - oh how I miss it! Though I dont miss the ants or mozzies!

Our last day in Fiji was spent on a cruise to a tropical island in the pacific aboard a beautiful wooden sailing boat, she was magnificant, when I win the lotto...

Today Tracey and I have been investigating the possibility of buying a vehicle of some sorts to take us on our adventures around the islands - I quite fancy the multi colured camper myself! Tomorrow we intend to do some sights - oh though tonight we might try and go to an observatory! COOL!! Will keep you informed.

Right now where did that technicolor camper van get to....
Sha x