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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Feb 2007

Location: Henderson, New Zealand

MapHaha!! We never got to the observatory as we got off the bus far too early and landed up the wrong side of the park, so didn't make it. Had a nice torch walk through the park though. We said we'd go on way back down once we've a vehicle - if and when still looking!

Well we are 'woofing' (working for our board and keep) just outside Henderson, west of Auckland. We landed here on Saturday. We are staying with a guy called Ron and his dog Brindy on a 5 acre patch of land. We have our own little cabin with a compost toilet in - all good fun and games! He has a woodland conservation project going on, reintroducing the native trees to encourage the native birds back in - he's been at it for 30 years! Our job is to dig out an invasive non native plant called yellow ginger (or Indian ginger), though we only done 2 days at it.

Saturday evening he took us over to his 'families' plot of land over the Waitakere mountains to the west coast - where there is some of the best surf in the country. We went to Anawhata beach, and oh my god i couldn't believe it his familes 'plot' was 300 acres including the beach and had this fantastic out of this world unbelievable situ right on the beach!!! His Uncle Mike lives there permantly (will get some pics up soon!). Well, as I still can't surf I went boogey boarding as the Kiwis say (body boarding). Fantastic!!!!! I caught my best body board wave ever; such a rush, I'm still on a high!!! Followed by a scrumpous dinner of sqid, curried veggies, rice and of course beer!

Yesterday we worked hard to repay the experience. What was I saying about Fiji's mozzies, New Zealands are worse, how vicious!! Buggers are huge and black and bite hard, my arms are bit to hell!!

Tomorrow we're being taken over to the east coast by Ron, he's going to a 60th birthday party, so we're going walking around the coast. Then if the weather holds he said he'd take us to sail out and stay on his yacht for the night - so no weeding tomorrow!

Best go off we're going for a beer.
Sha x