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Sha’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Feb 2007

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapWe've bought a van!!!!!!!!!!! YIPEE!!! Its great, we were so destined to have it. Its a Toyoto van that's been converted into a camper - we had a bargain, with a bit of luck we get no major problems with it then should make money on it. The reg is TS 218, Tracey said it stands for Tracey and Sharron 218! (see bit freeky that) And its automatic Linda, very weird to drive at first I still keep moving my left leg, but you're right a very lazy way to drive. So tomorrow after a week of being in Henderson we head off up to the Northland, our adventure is truely starting. Been having fun driving around Auckland today, trying to buy bits for it but not suceeding greatly.

Let me see what interesting stuff has been happening. Well we've been working really hard at Ron's and finished clearing the ginger, and two other types of invasive weeds. We went over to the east coast on Tuesday which was Waitangi Day - Kiwi national holiday. We went to Waiwera Regional Park, which sits on a headland between two estuaries. We had a lovely tramp through the forest to the nearby Woody's Bar and Grill, where we were picked up by Ron. Unfortunately the weather was in no seafaring condition, so the yacht trip was off though he has offered to take us out to Great Barrier Isalnd if we're around when he goes out there. Though I'm not complaining the bad weather brough some classic surf conditions round to the west coast by Wednesday and so it was off for my first surf that evening. It was amazing - ok so I still can't stand up on the board (got my toes of both feet touching it a couple of times!) but WOW what an amazing experience as I was sitting on the board waiting for the sets to roll in the gannets were diving above me as the warm evening sun glinted off the surface of the water; then in the split second before I was about to catch a wave a gannet glided right along the face of it - what a beautiful moment...

Oh dear its just started raining here and we've left the skylights open on the van - opps!!!
Sha x