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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2007

Location: Kaikohe, New Zealand

MapIn deep red neck country now. Can't believe we've spent a week on the road already. At the moment we're staying at this place between here and Opononi not far from the Kauri forests. We're with a local Mauri family but to be honest its more like a commune thing going on. Not expected to work or lift a finger just chill out and enjoy ourselves. The father is called Willie and his son Randle lives at home with another couple of guys; its an eye opener! Willie works away driving during the week. There are two big rotweillers around, ones only a pup and will be licking me to death; though I am avoiding the dogs like the plague as they've got ringworm (they are being treated, before you call the RSPCA!). They said they'll take us in kayaks down the river to the beach to fish (that's the locals not the dogs) but who knows how the days go.

We made our way up from Auckland along the east coast up past the bay of islands and Keri Keri. We stayed at this little resort called Mangawhai Heads which had a lovely coastal walk along the beach at low tide; I picked us a load of peri winkles for dinner that night took me ages to get the buggers out of their shells - I wasn't much impressed by them it mussels next time! At Whangarei we went to see the waterfalls which were beautiful you could do a circular walk round them. We seem to have this obsession with waterfalls we've stopped at two more since in Keri Keri and somewhere else (I'm starting to forget all the places we've been to; and no its got nothing to do with the alcohol!) and we're off to see another one this afternoon.

Seen some gorgeous beaches on our way, and even drove down to walk the longest footbridge in the southern hemisphere one morning - watch out I won't quiet get the same rush from bunjee jumping! Oh and not forgetting that we stopped in Kawakawa to pee in the famous Hundertwasser toilets - what a relief that was I had been holding on for over 100kms! And of course we've done serious sight seeing like the treaty house and even stopped by to see the momument to the Rainbow Warrier at Matauri Bay.

Saturday we reached Cape Reinga, we cheated and went up on a tour bus for the day from Kaitaia so we could go along 90 mile beach on the bus and of course do the sand tobogganing!! Which was fantastic down these huge, massive dunes! Nearly killed me running up the top of them. Ah but the total overkill on excitiment must have been the drive on ferry, to cross Hokianga Harbour, ok so I'll be the first to admit that small minds are easily pleased (best $16 spent yet!) then if you ever get to Rawene don't forget to chill out at the Boatshed cafe which has famous homemade lemonade and you just sit, chill out on the balcony over the water taking in the sights - beautiful location.

I am really trying to get some photos up but not suceeding very well, though don't worry I am on it.

Right well off to Ginns Ngawha Springs for a dip, boy its getting hot again!
Sha x