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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Feb 2007

Location: Hendersdon; Auckland, New Zealand

MapWell we're back in Henderson in Auckland today; well we arrived back here Saturday afternoon and will probably be heading off down to the Coromandel, Bay of Plenty regions this afternoon. You may have noticed I've managed to upload a few photos. What a job I've had; its been eventful. On Friday night I managed in true blonde styley to delete ALL of my photos from my camera; yes all of my Northland trip - to say I felt sick as a parrot was an understatement! I was so upset at losing my Kauri tree photos and I got them back! How? I hear you cry! Well when we arrived back at Ron's on Saturday; Jack one of his tenants who is a mad Polish computer geek, managed to retrieve about half of my photos!! What a star!

What have I been up to? Lets see... We went to the hot springs that was a weird experience; perhaps a bad idea on such a hot day. The geothermal pools were all different couors and temperatures even though they were fed by the same stream and heated as they filtered through the rocks. It was like being poached in the water and grilled from above by the sun! Once the sulphur smell was over come it was a very invigorating experience; I felt so cleansed, though my bikini smells a little eggy now!

We ran out on our commune Wednesday after it became apparent that everyone was far too busy or out of it to take us down the river, so we went to the Kauri forests. I had two solid days of tree hugging!! Extremly happy bunny. Man the Kauri trees were magnificant, I could never imagine trees so HUGE! The entire ecosystem just amazes me. That evening we stopped at a campsite which offered night walks through the forest to see the nocturnal delights and possible kiwi. Unfortunately we never got to see a kiwi but we heard a couple of males calling and heard them tramping around in the undergrowth right in front of us. Also saw a possum, eels, other fish, cave wetas (prehistoric insects that look right evil - I had one jump on my head when clearing ginger at Ron's), the little owl called a Ruru by Maori and glow worms; really cool walk.

On our way back towards Auckland we stopped at a little place called Brynderwyn, the guy who founded the place was originally from a place in Wales with the same name. Little is the word to use here the place was at a T junction with a hotel and cafe! We stopped down at Shelly's bay near Helensville Friday night; which is where the eventful blonde moment occurred! We went to the Helensville agricultural show Saturday morning, but were a little disappointed at not seeing any sheep shearing - however I did join the dozens of kids in riding a piece of cardboard down a very bumpy grass slope (kinda like sledging but without snow) - god my butt is still bruised! Lots of fun though!

Yesterday was a full on day we did two festivals! Auckland city council puts on these free festivals. In the morning we went to the Cultural festival which celebrates the cultural diversity of the city. I had a great time jamming on the drums with everyone in a make it up as you go along styley. Then in the afternoon went and got drunk and sunbaked at the Rock the park festival, where there was Eskimo Joe and the Feelers plus more playing - great day! Funny though took ages to get back to Ron's as I was finding it hard to read the map drunk!!

Well had better get off and enjoy the sunshine :)
Sha x