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Sha’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 Mar 2007

Location: Rotorua, New Zealand

MapArrived in Rotorua this eve - smells lovely like my sandwich this avo (eggy - the Sulphur spills out from the earth here. Apparently the earths crust is the thinnest here than anywhere in the world!). Tomorrow we head out to see the buried village and perhaps a park or two and get smelly in the spas!

We got the van sorted and road legal on monday at long last! Seems like a place can tie you down. We went over to Hot Water Beach near Whitianga Monday avo, but only got to experience it the next morning after the first wave of the 3 day storm past over. There Tracey and I are on the beach at 8.00am digging a hole for a bath!! Slowly losing the marbles! Then we pretty much headed down to Hamilton where we popped in to see David and Nagier (who we met at Fletchers Bay). Stayed there for a night, and ate really well - people are soo kind take you in and feed you. Then it was a quick drive out to Raglan, but the storm washed any hopes of world class surfing down the drain so we went straight over to Waitomo caves last night.

This morning we did the black water rafting which was ok, not that high on the old adreline factor - involes throwing yourself down a river through a cave looking at glow worms as you go. Good fun though.

Right off to find a campsite for the night - hopefully it'll be a little warmer tonight!
Sha x