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Sha’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 21 Mar 2007

Location: Gisborne, New Zealand

MapSunny Gisborne today, the weather has improved again - I'm back in my shorts! Been trying to look for work here today but I've a feeling that we're going to have to head further down into Hawkes Bay.

Had a great time in Rotorua spent 3 days there in total. Did this very touristy village place called Te Whaka which had thermal fumerals and bubbling mud pools, and an insight into Maori culture and beliefs. Spent a whole day there getting our money worth! Even went to see the cultural show where they did the old Haka and other dances in trad flax dress. Bit too touristy; but interesting. Next day we headed to see the Buried Village which got wipped out in the 1868 eruptioon of Mt. Matawana (sorry if details are bit wrong seems like ages since we were there). That was really good the museum was brill loads of interesting artifacts inc. a few full bottles of whisky!! The site of the village was located down by two lakes called blue and green. We camped near the blue one really beautiful down there. St. Paddy's night was a crazy one. Found an Irish pub in town and drank far too much black stuff and jigged to the fake Irish band!?#

Hangovers in head and stomach, next day we headed over to the east coast to a place called Whakatane. On the way we stopped to do the 3D maze - oh god that was a mission with my gentle state of mind. It took an hour to get out of the thing - I was almost sick at one point! Good fun though.

The reason we headed to Whakatane was that it is the departure point for boat trips to the only active marine volcanoe in NZ! Which we landed on the next day! What an experience I walked on a live volcanoe right around the crater!! It was incredible, like being on another planet. Sorry guys I am soo going to bore you with photos and footage when I get home! It was defo worth the sea sickness - though next time I'll take the helicopter please!

After such an outer world experience we have had the lesser excitment of driving around the coast of the eastland down here to Gisborne. But mind you on the way we did push the excitment factor and visited the East Cape lighthouse (furthest place east in the world and first place in the world to see the new day); the largest Pohutukawa tree in the world and to top it all the longest concrete wharf in the southern hemisphere!!

Right well I had better try and find a job (reluctantly).
Sha x