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Sha’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Mar 2007

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

MapJob found, as thought it meant coming further down into Hawkes BAy to Hastings. We start apple picking on Monday 7am - 5pm aaarrghh! I will be wrecked! Went over to the orchard today to meet Dave the owner who is letting us rough it at the back by the river with only a porta loo (gonna be a smelly backpacker!), he seems really laid back, hopefully it'll be a good number so who knows when you bite into your braeburn from NZ I could have picked it!

On our way down we stopped in at Napier - art deco capital of the world. I loved it! Such a beautiful place along the sea front with all its art deco buildings, we even went to a relic shop and I couldn't resist but try on a fab dress which thank heavens I resisted buying! Museum was really interesting, especially the surviors stories of the earthquake that wrecked the town in 1931.

Well I had better get on, we're heading out to Kidnappers Cape this avo to walk to the gannet colony tomorrow.
Sha x