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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Mar 2007

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

MapMy back hurts! Yep two days into 6 weeks of continuing back pain! I think the money I'll be earning will be going on physio! No for real its going on my bungy jump; sky dive; fox glacier trip etc. etc. Thats what is keeping me picking those little buggers...

Anyway away from that, the trip out at the weekend to Cape Kidnappers was excellant. Saturday night Tracey and I pushed the boat out and had our first party in the van! Ok so it was a knitting party but there was lots of NZ cider (which is pretty good stuff - they even do Bulmers (Magners) out here) and even Frankies friend Mr. Sunshine joined in (well not the knitting bit). No jokes about the knitting its big out here you know.

While waiting for the tide to go out sunday morning i finished Frankies hat (going to be cold in the south island you know), and then we started on our 5 hour return journey to the cape along the beach.

The gannets were fantastic! Its one of the worlds biggest land colonies with over 5,000 breeding pairs - as you can imagine it smelt a bit! Though I couldn't believe how close you could get to them, there was only a little chain fence at trip height to prevent you from entering the colony. The funniest thing was watching them come into land. They'd come speeding in over your head and then put the brakes on and crash onto their bellies and flat onto their faces! I'm glad none of the pilots on the planes over were like it!

Well off to cook some noodles out at the orchard - not so bad there lovely views!
Sha x