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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 02 Apr 2007

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

MapFirst week of apple picking over though it was a long 7 dayer! I'm dying for a lie in! Waiting for Friday for that - we have to have the Easter weekend off as it costs them too much to pay us. We're being looked after Dave keeps paying us for half bins - nice one! He's had to lay all the Indians off this week as the apples are'nt quiet ready but he's keeping us on - fair play. Will need the money for the weekend - we're off to Taupo. Intend to do some white water rafting and maybe my bungy I can't decide there or Queenstown! Big decision.

At the moment I'm picking, eating and dreaming about picking the little buggers! Can you overdose on apples? As you can imagine the perk (or maybe not) of our job is a limitless supply of second rate apples!

Went out to Oceans Beach yesterday afternoon to chill out in the glorous unseasonally hot weather - which is a good job as my tan had started to fade! Have discovered the best Ice cream place in the world here called Rush Munroes - we occupy a seat almost every second day; good job I'm picking apples or I'll be getting fat!

Right off for a swim.
Sha x