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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Apr 2007

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

MapHave picked apples solid for nine days think Dave is trying to wipe us all out before the end of the harvest! Seriously its not been so bad got to knock off early sat and sun and oh so funny they hate picking in the rain so had thursday avo off as well! We relented to the temptation of a warm hostel sunday night after 3 restless and cold nights in the van. Its dropped down to around 2 degrees C at night here, though still warm enough to wear my shorts and t-shirt to pick in (when its not raining of course!).

Met a fellow countrymen (Ian) at the hostel so able to siarad Cymraeg! Dwi'n dipyn 'rusty', ond mae o dwad o'r Fishguard, siarad Cymraeg ail iath hefyd dwi'n meddwl, ond mae'n teimlo hyfryd i siarad!

Went to a kiwi house warming party Saturday night over at Napier, invited through Data (AKA Wayne) who, I not sure if i mentioned before; we met through Clair (Tracey's cousin) at Mt.Manganui and I went surfing with there. He was invited through a friend of his and it seemed like everybody else was too! Had a good time met lot's of interesting and weird off their heads Kiwis! Headed into Napier and went to this club/pub place called the Thirsty Whale which was down at an old warehouse by the port. Inside it was done out like an old ship - you know like in Pirates of the Carribean well sort off. Had a fire place which ebveryone was trying their best to dance around as it was so bloody cold! Though it got crap in there when it turned into a can of sardines! Boy do Kiwis just like to go out and get wrecked and there i was thinking no nation could possibly be competition for my old IOACC work team bonding drinking seesions! Data's parents kindly let us stay in their house for the night - many thanks again!

High on energy drinks and coffee it was off picking apples sun morning though it was a nice number and we got finished handy to go and settle into our new hostel. Its full of fellow pickers and people who look like they have been living there forever! There's a great supply of free veg of all sorts as we pickers thank god are not all picking apples!

Sunday afternoon we dragged Mark (tractor driver on our orchard staying at same hostel he's from Sommerset) and Birdie (from France she's picking grapes; been travelling for 7 years!) out to the local attractions of the honey farm and cheese factory, oh and a quick dash over to Rush Munroes for a super big ice cream before they shut! Frankie met a new friend at the honey farm and of course sampled lot's of honey - but my fav is still the Beenut butter that i got from Taupo (a combo of yes you got it peanut butter and honey - YUMMY!).

Well all this talk of food is making me hungry - going to find some of that walnut and banana cake that I cooked in my first baking lesson from Tracey on Sunday night!
Sha x