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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Apr 2007

Location: Hastings, New Zealand

MapFour days left of picking! In all honesty I'm going to miss it - I quiet like the job though I'll never hit the standard of a pro picker they manage 10 bins a day signal handed (Tracey and I manage 8 between us!). We have wednesday this week off work as its Anzac day (their remeberance day) a bank holiday - some of the fellow hostel stayers are planning a mad day of activities as there are loads of us moving on at the weekend.

Not been up to a great deal. We finished picking on Friday night and invited for a beer by Dave, which turned into several and more! A mate of his came round with his misses and kids it was sooo surreal. He lives in the shed on the orchard and upgrades motorbikes and builds jet boats in his spare time. Said he might try to take us 3 'Poms' out before we leave but that depends on the harvest of course.

We actually had half day off Saturday and all of Sunday. Sunday avo a group of us from the hostel headed over to spa baths in Napier right on the front by th sea. We spent about 3 hours soaking out the picking aches - bliss!

Well I'm starving off to make some chilli to warm away the autumn chill!
Sha x