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Sha’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 May 2007

Location: Wanaka, New Zealand

MapWow time flies when your having fun! I'm currently in Wanaka - just above Queenstown. I'm trying to find work here for the winter season which kicks off mid June. Its a really beautiful town, set alongside Lake Wanaka with the snow dusted mountains in the background - what more can I say its stunning. The job searching is'nt going too well mainly due to the fact that I keep getting distracted (short attention span is deadly!).

From Nelson I headed down and stayed at Greymouth for a couple of nights. Not much to do there, though I did make the most of the open bar at the Monteiths brewery after the tour, and took a few walks. Form Greymouth I headed for Franz Joseph Glacier and stayed at this lovely hostel where I was able to do some cleaning for my room - handy. On the Tuesday I went ice climbing up on the glacier which is just one of 150 in the area. What a fantastic time I had - I'm hooked on it! The highest climb I did was about 25meters high. I had a stunning day for it, the views were spetacular. I'm afraid I'm going to be boring alot of people with my photos of my backside clinging onto the side of a cravice!! While here I met Melanie, a German photographer who is currently on intership in Christchurch and has been allowed time off by her crazy sounding Kiwi boss to travel around and photograph the south island. She very kindly gave me a lift down to here, and while on the way we stopped at Lake Matheson in Fox Glacier to photograph Mt. Cook which unfortunately was cloud covered. Neverless we ploded our way along the stunning west coast getting eatern by sandflies, stuffing our faces and having a great laugh :)

Yesterday Mel and I did a skydive!!! What a f**king fantastic experience, I would reccommend it to anyone. It was out of this world, so much better than I expected. I even got to fly my shute round and round in horizontal twirls before we landed. Such an amazing feeling rushing towards the earth at speed of 180ft per second! I did a fall from 12,000ft and was freefalling for 45seconds - I wish now that I had done it from 15,000ft! Though I'm dying to learn to do it now!! There is a wing photo of me at click on view my picture then Friday 11th May I'm on page 3 at the top right hand photo. My instructor was sooo crazy (good match!) after marching me out to the plane humming the funeral march he then played drums on my head as we were flying up then we were having screaming competitions on the edge of the plane!! Best thing I've ever done how the hell am I supposed to top that adrenaline experience (umm bungy next week!).

Last night we went to celebrate our crazy achievement with a mexican then headed out to rock the town (which is pretty dead at the mo - in between seasons) with Nerys, Beth and Jana (I think), It was Nerys' b'day. Since getting to Franz Joseph I've met loads of fellow Welsh travellers, we all seem to be hiding out down here.

So I'm here for another 2 nights then taking myself off down to Queenstown - bungy a must I feel! Then who knows where I tread - though fingers crossed at some point I'll be coming back to Wanaka to work the season and play in the snow.

Well had better get on and find that job!
Sha x