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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

MapHellooo! Sorry I been slack at keeping this up to date far too busy enjoying myself! So I in Dunedin today here for another night. Not seen much of the city just the brewery and chocolate factory! Feeling sick now - too much choc and not enough beer!

Well I am a total nut case! While in Queenstown I did the Nevis bungy a jump of 134meters off a cable car suspended above a gorge! What a buzz! Not quite how I imagined it - though totally started to shit myself when I started to slip outta of boots (yes I had a harness strapped to me but your brain doesn't engage when you're dangling upside down on a piece of elastic!). Thank god I pulled the cord to release my feet and got pulled back up on my butt! I kinda enjoyed it but really don't know if I'd do one again - skydiving defo more my thing! Following the bungy I overdosed on adrenaline and took to the shotover river for a high speed jet boat ride - which was more stomach turning then the bungy!

The funniest though was I went to see the Rocky Horry Show on stage in Queenstown with Elaine (girl I met in my dorm). That was fantastic really well done I've not laughed soo much in two hours! We were even doing the Time Warp dance at the end!

So I hitched a ride with Elaine and Rebecca down to Te Annau and headed out to the Milford Sounds by sea kayak. I had the pleasure of sharing my kayak with Dave - an Irish lad who was in my dorm. It was spectacular I can't believe how massive the sounds are! All sense of scale are thrown out. The best was though the pod of 50 or so dolphins that came along to play and entertained us with a couple of them jumping right out of the water in front of the boats! Unbelivable!

Next day it was off to Invercargill for two nights. On the bus down I met two English girls - Ali and Bex who allowed me to tag along with them. At the hostel they met Chris an Amercian who'd they met in Queenstown, so we all went out for lunch. After lunch I hired a bike and cycled out to Sandy Beach and got eatern alive by bloody sandflies while drinking my delicious cider from Invercargill brewery - YUM! Bit to death I left the sandflies behind and made it back to town in time for a night out - curry and beer come on!

Sunday I some how managed to pull my tired body out of bed and cycle the 60km return journey to Bluff (the southern most town on the South Island). Probably the most boring cycle in the world? Anyway made it to Sterling Point and filled my face at a very nic cafe, before relunctantly cycling back to fall into bed. Have to admit my butt was sore on returning back!

And funny enough as you tend to do that evening just before hitting the sack for the second time I bumped into Elaine (from Queenstown) who was going my way and offered me a lift up through the Catlins coastline to Dunedin which was too good to miss. So we spent yesterday chugging our way along the coast being blown to bits trying to spy seals and sea lions - though we were rewarded by seeing two little Yellow Eyed Penguins (some of the rarest penguins in the world!).

Tomorrow we are going to head out to see the Albatross and hopefully some sea lions out on the peninsular. Well I had better go and do my washing, and find some more Speights beer!
Sha x