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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 May 2007

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

MapWell here I am in amazing Christchurch. I arrived here on Thursday night after a very long bus trip from Dunedin. Was my priority to get here for the weekend for Mel's leaving party - she returns to Germany on Thursday. So its been a very long weekend of partying in true Kiwi style! The legal drugs out here are to be experienced (as well as the not so legal!), what a country! Though I'm a good girl as you all know so I've not experienced any, well...

Mel's party was crazy, might have mentioned before that she's on her internship with a photographer (Kurt), so it was really surreal when after a few drinks on Sat night we had a photo shoot before going out! I could'nt stop laughing! Life is crazy!

Wednesday was a great day. I went on an afternoon wildlife trip out to the Otago peninsular. I got to see Royal Albatross! They were magnificant cruising in from the ocean right over our heads! Then it was off to check out the NZ sea lions, which looked liked giant stones sleeping on the beach, we walked right up to them about 5 meters from them! Beautiful creatures! Then on it was to watch the yellow eyed penguins cruise in from a day of fishing! They were gorgeous - surfing in and waddling up the beach. Then to top it off we walked over the hill to watch the fur seals playing in the rockpools. Total buzz - defo a highlight of my trip!

So that's pretty much been my last few days, for now I must try and find me a job, or I'll never get to Oz!
Sha x