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Sha’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 06 Jun 2007

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

MapI can't believe I've been in this concrete jungle for two weeks now. No, really Christchurch (or Chch to the locals!) is really cool. I love the Cathedral square area, where the hostel is situated - there's a great coffee stall on it and always buskers; fantastic place to sit and people watch. I've been working really hard the last week. I'm busy working the bar at a dance club. I totally burning the candle at both ends. I work a shift in the club roll into bed at 7am up again at 9am to clean for my room at the hostel for 3 hours then roll back into bed, then back up etc. etc. Not been up to much else though however I'm getting to meet loads of interesting people.

Managed to get out of Chch yesterday, went on a road trip with a guy called Adam out to Akaroa. Its this little Frence styley colony on the Peninsular right on the edge of a sea inlet. Very beautiful, loads of old wooden buildiings and had a great fish and chippy (but hell do I miss the peas and vinegar!).

Went to this recycled clothing warehouse today and picked myself up a bargain of the year - a pair of Levi jeans for $2!!! Ha,ha! I'll be needing a bigger bag at this rate!

Well had better go and cook me up something delicious before I hit the club! Hope the sun is shinning back in Wales.
Sha x