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Sha’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 17 Jun 2007

Location: Chch, New Zealand

MapHello there! I believe you guys are having sunshine in Wales! Don't pity you in the sauna of the planning department! Slowly getting colder here, the slopes have opened at long last so I hope to be getting out myself in a week or so. It was even trying to snow in Chch the other day. Yesterday tho, it felt very much like home, overcast, grey, and showers!

Can't say I can excite you all with a thrilling diary entry this week, been up to the same old. Though have decided to get a bus outta of the city to the coast later in the week. Oh I'm to be an Auntie yet again, congrats to my sister who is to have her third child in October. I'm sure they must be putting something in the water up there (glad I'm down here!) with all the people who are expecting - I'll be kept busy on my return saying hi to all the new faces!

Well I have the night off work tonight, off out to meet Elaine for a few. Enjoy the wether guys and don't forget the sun lotion!
Sha x