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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jun 2007

Location: Chch, New Zealand

MapSame old, same old I'm afraid again nothing very interesting to report. Though had a blast out last week with Elaine, we got a little wasted to say the least on red wine which proved to have an interesting affect on Elaine's stomach! (Ha,ha, toilet got to drink it), and I'm surprised my mad dancing never got us thrown out of the Irish bar (was trying to teach some Kiwi's how to dance, they can't you see they look like constipated chickens!). Elaine took off for a week in Tonga, (was I ever so tempeted to go too..) she'll be back this week and I'm sure we'll have round two!

Disapearing outta of Chch on Sunday on a road trip with a Kiwi called Ringo for week or so. We going to head north to Kaikora (think that's how you spell it) then up the coast and pretty much see where the road takes us. Then I hope to go skiing, can't decide where. Mt.Hutts pretty expensive but by the time I travel back to Queenstown it'll cost bout the same. Its been snowing like mad in the South of the South Island this week, some of the major roads were closed for 2 days! And there I was thinking that NZ would be prepared for such weather!!

Well had better get on working tonight - four more shifts!! Let the good times roll!
Sha x