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Sha’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 25 Jul 2007

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

MapWell back in the North Island, flew back into Wellington yesterday afternoon, it was amazing flight. Was really clear day and flew right over the Southern alps - stunning. COuld see all way out to Farewell Spit on the top of the SOuth Island and right across the cook strait to the North Island - it only took five minutes to fly across the cook strait - 3 hours by ferry!! Anyway I got a bar job up here so will probably hang out here for the next month and defrost; its amazing the temperature differnce between here and Chch, its like spring!

Well the All Blacks game was quiet entertaining, more the crowd than the game itself, that never got going until the last 15 minutes when the All Blacks decided that they could play and started scoring tries. The best bit was the dart throwing competition that the crowd was having with there free giant cardboard signs! Oh and the mexican waves - where Ringo managed to soak himself in Steinlarger, he, he!! Jason the South African guy was quiet upset at the Springbox loss and drowned himself in a night on the town, we left him to it, and had our own pub crawl back to Ashburton - where I as Des caught up in the drinking with Kangaroo Balls shooters!!

Sunday I took to the road with Kev on the back of his Honda 945cc Motorbike - great fun!! Whizzed up to a little place called Geraldine for a coffee and quick look, then stopped in at a pub for refreshment on the way back. The Southern alps looked fanatasic speeding by at 120k plus! Yes I speed freek had great big grin for rest of night!!

Did'nt get up to much for the rest of the week, but managed to get some skiing in at Mt.Hutt. The drive up to the ski slope was amazing took you right up into the mountains on a gravel track covered in ice. All vehicles needed snow chains to get up yes, the bus I was on had to stop on the way to put on and take off chains!

So funny I got on the wrong chair lift up the slope and landed up going right to the top on my first run, not what I had planned when I not skied for nearly 2 years! Anyway I can laugh about it now I wiped out twice on the way down, second time specatular styley head first down 40degree slope, and thought I'd bust my binding. After managing to fall off the chair lift the first time heading down the hill (ski bust remember, could'nt ski down) I eventually got down to find the problem could've been solved simply! Oh well, nothing that a cold beer at altitude could'nt solve to restore the confidence in the skis! Beautiful skiing proceeded with me jumping gracefully over ramps by the end of the day and yes, I wiped out once more!! But all limbs are intact - thank god, some poor sod was air lifted off the slope by helicopter!

Saturday evening I was entertained by Ringos family at a birthday dinner for him. Boy the food was good, had yummy salmon pie and yams! Can't say I'd ever had them before bit tasteless, think the Kiwis go mad for them you can get them in great big bags in the shops. There was even 3 different typed of pudding which yes I was a pig and sampled all of them- well I gotta fatten up when I can poor back packer you know!

To burn off the birthday pudding, Ringo and I took a day road trip up the mountains to Lake Tekapo, where we stared at the beautiful snow capped mountains tried to decide which was Mt. Cook, had quick look at the church and statue of a Collie dog (yes you read right) and had a go at ice skating. Yes I admit I fell over, and I'm still pissed that Ringo got away somehow without falling on his arse, though he nearly fell more times than me, he,he! Least I had grace! We even managed to exert ourselves and drive up to the observatory to take in the spectacular views of the near 360degree mountain view; and we still could'nt see Mt.Cook!!

Well that's the latest for you not so exciting, I'll try and get some photos up soon. Time to catch some ZZzzzz's now, nos da
Sha x