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Sha’s Travel Diary

Monday, 06 Aug 2007

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

MapHa, ha I've broken a couple of ribs! Well I can laugh about it - well not really it hurts! How? Fell over on Saturday night - no I was sober its not fair! If I'd been drunk I would'nt av broken anything! How is it I can jump out of planes, ski, ice skate etc. etc. and surive intact then walk down the street and break a bone??? So I can't work this week and it was going to be my last week working before heading south again so I going to take flight and get outta of Wellington later this week now.

I've really not been up to much else, work, work, work. Though I got drunk last sunday night in the Welsh pub, Linda you'd been proud of me girl, i fell over in the beer garden, trying to get back into the pub, flat on my back! I blame the wet step (no broken bones, that was for Saturday just gone). Then hit the town with Tom the manager from Abergele, he could'nt speak Welsh and no-one else in the pub could too, so I was disapointed! Really cool place though used to be the public toilets!

I've decided to go to the zoo tomorrow if the weather holds I want to see the Sunshine bears (i think they're called) they get fed honey from Hawke's Bay. I might as well make the most of my time as an invalid!

Oh has there been any babies yet?

Right I going to find a new book to read, and enjoy the sunshine outside the Mac's brewery!
Sha x