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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Aug 2007

Location: New Zealand

MapWell Spring is certainly on the way down here, the daffodils have started to bloom, I bought myself a bunch yesterday. You'll be relieved to hear that I have not broken another bone this week, though I am extremly sore. I think the soreness was made 1000 times worse after my ad hoc night out on the town in Wellington on Tuesday night. The Welsh pub is a deadly place to visit, once again I found myself out on the tiles with Tom, and picking up complete strangers in one of the numerous Irish bars, Tom managed to drop me on the way down Courtney Place while giving me a piggy back - and fall on top of me!! What a crazy night we preceeded to have the longest game of pool in history and then onto a Kareoke bar where I managed to shame myself and kill Roxanne! Well at least the interesting night made up for the day at the zoo.

Frankie and I took the bus to the zoo, it was a lovely day a bit nippy in the shade but we were both wrapped up. Unfortunately I did'nt feel well at all, painfully and slowly we plodded our way round, fortunately it was a small zoo. To be honest I was a little disapointed, the animals looked crazily bored - all except for the Meerkats they were insane and abosultely cute; I want one! My encounter with the Lion was absolutley scary! I went to use the WC located down by his enclosure and while popping more painkillers there was this almighty ROARRRRR!!!!!! God I thought the Lion had escaped! My pulse shot up through the roof and my fight or flight instinct kicked in. I decided I would chance skicking my head out the WC, and took and great breath in when I saw Mr. King of the Jungle sitting regally on the rocks in his enclosure! Boy that F**king scared me.

Wednesday I managed to pull myself out of bed and found the National Tattoo museum, unfortunatly they had moved half of the exhibition down to another location which did'nt open during weekdays. Still I satisfied myself with the displays they had and learnt a few interesting facts, especially something they never teach you in history class, (well I never got taught this) that the Nazi's used to cut tattooed skin off prisoners of war and preserve it, turning it into weird articles like wall hangings, book covers and lamp shades! I certainly left feeling worse than I went in.

So Thursday I hitched a ride on a jet plane back down to South Island and after going to the beach and the cinema I am now hanging back out at Ringo's in Ashburton. Hopefully I found myself a little cafe job today, the owner is going to ring me over the weekend - I think I'll be able to pour a few coffees with broken ribs, and I'll have plenty of time to plan Oz trip; have I mentioned that Ringo is going to tag with me, we going to drive round Oz together!

Well have a great weekend up there! I may be going fishing tomorrow! Right I'm off to consume more Speight's.
Sha x