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Sha’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 21 Aug 2007

Location: Ashburton, New Zealand

MapWow, does'nt time fly!! I have been working hard at my little cafe/bar job in town. Did I mention that its and Irish bar? Its cool I've learnt to make sooo many different types of coffee, they've even started going to the public now!

So my intrigued friends and family, I hear you shouting - what have you been up to?!

The Saturday before last I went sea fishing, with Ringo and his two mates Frostie and Jason (Jason is the South Africian who came to rugby too). Anyway myself and Ringo did'nt have any success at catching tea, Frostie and Jason on the other hand successfully caught a dogfish each. The poor baby one that Frostie caught got cut up for extra bait, I was trying to get the bigger one sacrificed but that got thrown back in! It was a nice afternoon out anyway, plenty of speights got drunk and dinner was kindly provided by Frostie's wife on our return. Next time the whale shark will be mine!

I think it was Friday that I took a trip back up to Geraldine on a mission to find my brother a Kiwi made jumper - but alas it proved to no avail, and funny enough I found a perfect one in town today! Still it was nice to get out of town Spring has really kicked in this week with the first lambs appearing in the fields and I even saw a little white butterfly flutter past the kitchen window the other day.

This Saturday gone Ringo, Frankie and I took a trip up to a place called Stavely and took a walk through the bush to Steinly Falls (I think they were called), unfortunately it was only water running over them and not Steinlarger. Then we had a pleasant night in with Phil one of Ringo's mates and plenty of Speights; Phil taught us how to play poker, with bottle tops, and I did'nt loose! Also learned how to play a game called Uker, that was bizzare - I won at that!! I addicted to poker and the pokies now! Cassino here I come!

Well I going to sign off now, bottle of wine calling my name..
Sha x