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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 31 Aug 2007

Location: Ashburton, New Zealand

MapDaffodil Day here today in NZ, its really nice to see so many people wearing dafs!! Ha, ha little do they no its a plot by the Welsh to take over NZ. No on a serious note everyone buys Daffodils to support the Cancer Reasearch Charity out here.

Well my friends the spring sunshine is continuing to reign, though I was fortunate to see the Lunar Eclipse Tuesday night as it was cloudy here until the very last moment of natures spectacle the clouds shifted for an awesome view.

Been busy working and in between drinking, well there's not a great deal to do in this wee town, and I've been full of the spring flu that's doing its round this week. That however did not stop me from hitting the Jameson after work Saturday night and making a complete arse of myself on the dance floor at Millys pub in town. Though at least I was'nt as sick a Ringo, ha, ha (he's feeling quiet sore about the whole experience of throwing up in the alley, and so was his head the next day, he,he).

So if you have'nt already noticed, shame on you... I've eventually gotten round to uploading some more photos of my epic adventures for you all to spend hours in work looking at! Enjoy!

This weekend I think I've got a "family/farewell Ringo" dinner with Ringo's old man and his lady, Saturday night, though we've also been invited to a Kiwi Bonfire by the Speight's Southern Woman (Ok should explain this, apparently there is still or has been a competition to find the ideal Southern Woman, as Speight's Beer has a Southern Man concept thing. Anyway this is prob making no sense. The friend of Ringo's who invited us has won this comp - make sense?) Anyway lets continue, no firworks apparently just a great excuse for a piss up, I wonder if there be plenty of Speight's!

Right I'm going to sit down and enjoy a few of those NZ beers mentioned above now, have a great weekend up there everyone!
Sha x