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Sha’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Sep 2007

Location: Ahburton, New Zealand

MapThe beautiful cherry blossom is in bloom, complimenting the Magnolia trees down at the park in town. Went for a lovely little stroll this morning. There's an aviary there with all sorts of birds undertaking their courtship dances of Spring but the funniest is that there are these 3 big white parrots. The other week when Ringo and I went down one of them mimicks what you say really well so we went back to say 'Hello'. Anyway we were greeted with 'Hello Cockhead' this morning! Should get some video footage of it! And that's all the clever parrot could say today - some bugger has brained washed it!

I'm afraid I've not been up to a great deal, the usual of drinking and working, been to a couple of parties, Hayley (one of the girls I work with) was 21 last week, and we went to a family farewell dinner round out Ringo's Mum's (Vicky) last Saturday, I getting quiet drunk under Vicky's encouragment (OK it don't take much!) and then fell asleep during the All Blacks v Italy rugby match (well it was boring). Though I am proud to say I kept my sleepy eyes open for the nail biting Wales game. Ringo thought the game was frustrating - I welcomed him to the world of watching Wales play! Tell you the truth I'm envious of you guys this weekend being able to take off down the pub and watch Wales play in Cardiff against the Aussies, though I'll have the whole of NZ behind Wales too!

Well two more weeks and the warmer climes of Aussie will be embracing me! Can't wait to sun it up there! Right off to try and put more photos on here for you.
Sha x