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Sha’s Travel Diary

Friday, 21 Sep 2007

Location: Ashburton, New Zealand

MapKia Ora! Looking ever so much to heading to Aussie now, next week and I'll be in Melbourne, which so happens to collide with their Fringe Festival! What great timing! Then I'll be able to get back down to writing some interesting stuff for you all to read! Oh I can't wait to do the Neighbours tour!!!!

Last weekend we went fishing again, this time I was successfully in catching my first ever fish - well 3 in fact! OK so they were all dogfish but thats all that was biting - they were big I got photos to prove it! We were all greeted by a seal, we started to half think I had caught it as it turned up when I was reeling in, but obviously it was just following my catch into the beach! I have to say though against all advice I got Jason to fillet my first dogfish so I could try it, not supposed to be worth it - but I'm game for it, and you gotta eat your first fish right? Saying that though its still in the freezer! Ha, ha!

I was up really early to support my beloved team this morning play Japan - then straight back to sleep once the players walked off the pitch! Do the programmers not consider supporters down under! Though it was worth it, have the Welsh shirts gotten tighter?

Well its another big weekend of drinking. Tonight I have farewell drinks with the girls from work and tommorrow a BBQ with Ringo's work mates and a farewell thing for him too! Hope the weather is good, I've had my shorts on this week yes scary thought! - and not only when I've been running! Yes, my ribs are mending to the degree I can run again, though taking it slowly.

Has Larrissa had her twins yet?
Sha x